Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ted Baker Tea Party

I can hardly believe it - but my 3 year anniversary is right around the corner - less then 2 weeks away. Tonight - the amazing crew at Ted Baker is hosting my anniversary party here at Brick Lane and I couldn't be more thrilled.

I have a moment of quiet - like the lull before the storm - where I have finally finished steaming, cleaning and merchandising the store - and the party staff/crew will be here in an hour. I can't wait to post pictures of the event for you all to see.

Thanks to the Ted Baker crew and my AMAZING friend Deborah Raguse from Bear-Buca Entertainment this should be one hell of a party.

We have sponsorship from Bombay Sapphire, Newcastle Brown Ale and FRED water! Beautiful flowers by Fiore Culture as well as DJ Lady Sha spinning groovy music to put us all in the mood. I can't wait!

So check back in a few days for photos from the big event if you were unable to join us here in Venice - and a BIG THANK YOU to Ted Baker, Bombay Sapphire, Newcastle and FRED!

Cheers luvs


Monday, February 18, 2008

Anya Hindmarch Press

Photobucket Album

With so many press hits I thought it best to share them with you in a slideshow. Beautiful coverage of her stunning bags for 2008!

Cheers luvs

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Off to London and Travel Tips

Just a quick update that I am headed to London tomorrow for Fashion Week and will be posting pictures of the shows and events I attend. I am only slotted for 2 catwalk shows this go-around. Quick trip and tight schedule to see all my vendors as well as check out a new trade show, but I will post pictures of what I am seeing!

So, on my last trip to NYC 2 weeks ago my wallet fell out of my purse in the back of a cab - every traveler’s nightmare! In this day and age of heightened security - flying without ID can be problematic to say the least. Luckily I have a few habits I picked up years ago when I started international travel as a part of my business that made the trying event more manageable - so I thought I would share them.

1. Empty your wallet before you go. There is no need for your membership cards and every credit card you normally carry around with you. Those are the things that are the most annoying to remember and replace. Only take what is needed.

2. Make color photo copies of your Drivers License, Passport (if applicable) and every credit card you plan to take with you - front and back. Take one of these copies with you and leave one at home with someone who you can contact to fax them to you if necessary. I actually never take the copies with me to NYC, but always do for international travel. The other copy I leave at my office and everyone who works for me knows where to find them.

3. If you are traveling internationally, look up where the US embassy is in relation to the city/country you will be in and then write that fax number down on the copies that you leave at home/with someone you trust.

Because I do this, I was able to have Jordan fax the copy of my drivers license to me. That combined with a police report in the city I lost my wallet was what enabled me to board my flight home. The police report is mandatory in a situation like that and you must file immediately - as you generally have to come back the next day to pick it up. Without it - you will most likely not be able to board your flight. Even with it - be prepared to be a "low level security threat" and expect to get searched rather thoroughly. Having the copy of your license is not mandatory on all airlines - but I was told "un-officially" that having it made my whole check-in smoother.

If you don't have your credit cards registered with a service, or you are not an American Express card holder, having the copies means you have the number to call and your account number handy to cancel the cards you know were in your wallet, as opposed to trying to remember what you had and trying to figure out how to get a hold of the companies. This happened to me on a bank holiday day and as a regular person I could not get through to anyone. So I decided American Express would be my next call - and low and behold they contacted every single card/bank within an hour or 2 and gave me directions to go to the American Express World Financial headquarters in Manhattan the next day to pick up a temporary card. Where I was it was faster then having them overnight it to me.

So I thought my little drama was a good reason to share these tips with everyone I know who travels. Things happen, wallets get lost and stolen and when you are not in your own city - it is ten times worse! SO a little prevention can help make an unfortunate event like this something you can easily deal with.
Safe travels!

Cheers luvs