Friday, August 22, 2008

Another Talented Brick Lane Customer - Melissa Morgan

One day about a year ago a lovely family walked into my store on their way to dinner elsewhere on the Kinney. They were that type of family of people who were friendly, outgoing, personable with whom I had an instant connection to so I automatically and correctly ascertained that they must be East Coast people! After a lovely conversation and shopping experience where the whole family walked out each with (or wearing) a beautiful article of clothing from Pringle of Scotland (yes they have impeccable taste as well) I found myself thinking "I hope they come back"

Come back they did - and over the past year plus their beautiful daughter Melissa has continued to come in and shop, with friends, with mom and dad when they visit her here, has attended events and has - as the way with so many lovely people I have been fortunate to meet over the years - become someone I consider a friend.

Melissa is low key and un-assuming for a tall willowy beautiful girl and it did not really surprise me when she admitted she was in the entertainment industry. What did surprise me as my first assumption would have been that she was an actress - but no she told me, she was a singer. Not just a singer, a jazz singer no less! A jazz singer with a beautifully smooth rich voice that brings you back to a time of the past. A time of dark and smoky jazz clubs on Saturday nights where exquisitely dressed women and sharply dressed men clustered around small cloth covered tables sipping Manhattans and smoking cigarettes while watching a jazz diva on a small stage belting out tunes lamenting of love lost, exulting love found and of all things between.

One of Melissa's last shopping trips in here - we got her to try on a very sexy ISSA dress that draped perfectly and was the color of an Iris. Today she sent me the link to see the dress as she used it in a photo shoot. (We hope it makes her album cover but we will see!)

Just another wonderful and amazing experience on this long road for me - getting a chance to meet and befriend talented people and then to be able to celebrate with them their triumphs. Way to go Melissa!

To hear a few of her tracks you can check out her myspace page:

Personally I can't wait to hear more!

Cheers Luvs

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Amazing Photo Exhibition

My friend Deborah is having her debut photography exhibition at our friend Holly's store SALT on Friday August 15th.
Showcasing her stunning photographs from her trip to MALI.
African inspired music by her talented son DJ Benjamin LaBrave

Come on down and check it out!
Cheers luvs