Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Anya Hindmarch at Brick Lane

Well, someday I hope to see mention of Brick Lane in the likes of Vogue and GQ magazines, but until then I must be content with seeing mentions or write-ups of the fabulous designers I carry, especially when an actual piece I bought months ago is featured on their glossy pages.

For women interested in fashion these days, you would be hard pressed to pick up a copy of Vogue or Glamour or W magazine here or in the U.K. without reading a mention of the fabulous "It bag" designer, Anya Hindmarch. Recently named the Accessories Designer of the Year" for the 2nd Year running and fresh off the publicity of her 'I am not a Plastic Bag" her handbags have become coveted by celebrities and fashionistas across the globe.

Donna Summer recently bought the "It" bag of the season the "Elrod" at Brick Lane from our fabulous designer-in residence salesman Jordan Cappella!

Our first fall shipment of Anya's beautiful bags has recently arrived at Brick Lane. One of the bags I bought made it onto the pages of U.K. Vogue. Actually Anya Hindmarch bags have been making it onto the pages of so many fashion magazines I could spend all day here telling you about them - but this clutch in particular is a piece worth seeing. The clutch by the way is making a serious comeback as a "must have" in every elegant and fashionable women's wardrobe. While you may say to yourself "but I hardly ever go to fancy dress events, why would I need one when my shoulder bag does the trick?" I answer you in this way. Owning one incredibly beautiful jeweled, or metallic evening clutch is the perfectly simple way to dress up a simple LBD (little black dress). It is the ideal accessory for any evening out, not just for the women who go to premieres, VIP industry events or galas at the Met. While a shoulder bag might feel more practical and reassuring, a clutch bag says elegance no matter what the event. It also forces us to leave home the myriad of things we deem necessary for our day out that normally fill our wonderful carpet bag sized purses to the max. The small space of storage you get in an evening clutch makes it so you must decide what is an absolute necessity therefore lightening our load and our spirits by forcing us to leave behind PDA's, datebooks and full make-up cases. This little clutch is one that can be a timeless addition to your wardrobe, not a seasonal trend of any kind. We currently stock this Broken Mirror Clutch in a fabulously understated yet elegant pewter color.

Below are some shots of various bags from the Fall Collection of Anya Hindmarch. Classic, elegant and beautiful they are made with the highest quality leathers, entirely lined in soft suede with detailing and simplistic yet innovative in design hardware you don't find anywhere else. Phone orders can be taken at Brick Lane by calling 310-392-2525 although remember, we generally only stock one in each design and in the 10 days since they landed in the shop 3 have found happy new owners! Check out some of the photos and keep your eyes peeled when you read your fashion magazines, as you are sure to hear more and more about this fabulous designer I am thrilled to be carrying at Brick Lane in the days to come.


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