Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It's time for MUCH LOVE!

What could be a better feeling then adopting or rescuing an animal and giving them a home? As the owner of 2 animals who were abandoned (as a puppy and a kitten no less) I have to tell you they were the best impulsive decisions I have ever made! Yes - even the cat - which I had NO desire for and was against the idea until I held him. Anyone who has a rescued pet will tell you that the love and adoration they bestow upon you is the best kind of unconditional love in existence! Somehow they know you saved them from a fate of death.

Much Love Animal Rescue is my favorite animal organization out there! Not just because they are local, or many of the volunteers are friends and customers of mine - but because the organization of Much Love Animal Rescue is a 100% nonprofit, no-kill organization dedicated to reducing overpopulation, abuse and neglect of domestic animals. Much Love is run entirely by like-minded professionals who volunteer their time and resources to help save the lives of these animals. Since 2000, they have successfully placed over 2,000 animals in loving homes!!

So why do these busy professional animal lovers with limited free time do it?

Sadly, 12 million animals are euthanized each year in the United States.

That is 1 million a month!!

1,388 animals an hour!!

Much Love works tirelessly to decrease this statistic. Run completely by volunteer staff and supported by animal loving celebrities such as Drew Barrymore, Jake Gyllenhaal, Katie Heigl, Tea Leoni and Patrick Dempsey to name a few, they host adoptions and events all over the West Side of Los Angeles and Bricklane is very excited to host an adoption event here in the front yard this Friday July 11th from 6:30Pm - 10PM.

This is the "First Friday" of July (due to the holiday falling on last Friday). Bricklane will have Much Love organization here on site with information, merchandise and some wonderful animals searching for their new home and owner to love! Even if you are not in the market for an animal right now - please take a moment to stop by and learn more about this organization and what we can all do to help them continue to save animals from death all over Los Angeles!

I personally became acquainted with Much Love in a rather odd way that I like to think of as fate. I opened my store on March 17th 2005. Less then a month later on April 12th I had the heart wrenching job of taking my 13 1/2 year old Labrador Ben to the vet for the last time. He had a massive tumour, had suffered minor strokes and his quality of life went from wonderful to terrible in a matter of weeks. Not able to watch him suffer I knew it was time to be put to sleep. Ben was my family dog who was shipped out to me via US Airways back when he was 7. He had lived a good long life split between coasts and was a favorite of many of my friends. Let's just say I was not the only one who cried when he passed.

Not even 2 weeks later, a volunteer of Much Love, and East Coast transplant / new Venice resident was walking a dog he was fostering around the neighborhood and ran into my friend Christy. The resemblance of this beautiful Labrador was so uncanny to my Ben, it made her cry while she demanded that he walk to the other end of Abbot Kinney to my store and introduce the dog to me. When Joe walked up with Daisy - I burst into tears and wanted to take her home! Fortunately, her loving demeanor, as well as the insistence of everyone he met who knew my Ben made the decision for him quite simple and Daisy is now one of our local Venice "Dogtown" dogs, in a loving home!

Much Love Animal Rescue will ALWAYS be my animal rescue organization of choice, and I am happy to get to help them in any way I can!

I hope you can stop by!

Cheers Luvs

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