Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Madeline Martin - Californication

As many of my friends know I don't watch a lot of television - I am more of a movie person. One of those people who will watch a favorite movie many many times over, however most of today's prime time "reality" TV leaves me cold. (Good thing I got out of the television business then I guess.)

I do have a few favorite shows that are set for season record on the good old DVR - most of them being on Showtime and HBO. Lately Showtime seems to weigh in heavier with my list of favorite shows - with Weeds and Californication being up there at the top.
Californication - a very interesting show I am quite hooked on. Why? Maybe because it is a rather realistic and amusing parody of the shallow and vacuous world that is Los Angeles and the entertainment industry? Perhaps it is due to the fact that I think David Duchovny its the cats pajamas and could not be a more perfect choice to play the self centered, self deprecating angst filled NY transplant writer, disillusioned by the world of Hollywood? Or is it that the majority of the show is shot and centered on and around my neighborhood of Venice California? Well most likely a total combination of them all and much more.

So at the beginning of shooting for this much anticipated new season, one afternoon a young petite brunette with a great sense of style and beautiful smile walked into my store on a day of shopping Abbot Kinney with her mother. As I am a huge fan of the show I did what anyone would do - didn't immediately recognize her! Embarrassing! I figured it out quite quickly though as her voice and her smile sparked recognition in me. Oh yeah and when I asked why they were visiting from NY, her mother told me that Madeline was working out here shooting a show for showtime. I have always been a bit slow in recognizing many of my Celebrity and Actor clientele upon first meeting, sometimes to VERY embarrassing results, but that is another story. Once it all clicked for me, it was such a pleasure to discover how down to earth and fun to talk to she and her lovely mother are. (Being an East coaster myself - I think it is due to the fact that they are New Yorkers and only come to LA when she has to work)

So over the past few months Madeline and her mother have become regular customers and neighborhood friends. I do my very best to quell my desire to beg her for details about the upcoming season so she can enjoy her shopping trips. Madeline at her young age has what I would consider a very keen sense of fashion and unique individual style unlike many of the LA "starlets" in her age bracket who strut the red carpet in various stages of undress. Personally I feel Madeline has an elegance, grace and style I only dreamed of having at her age. (And no I am not just saying that because she shops here!)

So recently I perused the Internet and found some images of her from 2 red carpet events where she is sporting some of her Brick Lane gear. She rocked the Silver dress by Pringle 1815 Scotland for the Californication DVD release party, and her most recent red carpet industry event she is carrying a stunning Black Patent Leather clutch purse by Anya Hindmarch.

Hello! Did I not tell you she has style? I must admit I am quite impressed with and a bit jealous of those shoes! Yes I just admitted that I am jealous of a young woman 20 years my junior for her superior taste in shoes! All I can say is Madeline Martin is a girl to watch! Fashionable and a stellar actress, I think and hope we will be seeing quite a bit more of her talents in years to come.

Best of luck in the new Season Madeline! Keep rocking the fashion! Brick Lane will always be a big fan of you!

Check out Californication on Showtime when season 2 airs this fall, and if you haven't seen season 1 - I suggest you play catch-up, ESPECIALLY if you live here in Los Angeles or Venice.

Cheers Luvs

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tracy said...

Really, Madeline is a girl to watch.She is simply adorable.

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