Thursday, September 4, 2008

Last First Friday at Brick Lane

Well friends - I am sad to report that tomorrow evening - Friday September 5th is the Last first Friday on Abbot Kinney that Brick Lane will be participating in. We will be open until 10PM with lots of wine and beer and a last shopping chance for you all - with things marked from 25% off (Brand new fall arrivals) up to 90% off. Please come by and say goodbye if you can.

Our last day of business will be Sunday September 28th.

After that the doors will be closed. It has been a difficult and sad time as I start saying my goodbyes - but I am trying to take with me the good memories and focus on the positive things, such as the wonderful relationships I have made with my customers and neighbors these past (almost 4) years.

The past weeks have been challenging to say the least - but I thought I would share....


1. Oh my God - you are going out of Business? Does that mean you are moving or opening the store somewhere else?

No sadly. Generally Going out of Business does not mean re-opening to another location - this is it.

2. But WHY are you going out of business?

To put it simply - The Bush Economy

3.What are you going to do? What's next? Where will you work?

I have NO bloody idea - any suggestions or offers?

4. Is it 75% off the marked price? If not I will come back when you have marked things down more.....

No - this isn't the dollar store - it is price as marked - already 75% off and WELL below wholesale - so feel free to come back but I still won't give it away for free.

(and people wonder why I am going out of business)

And my FAVORITE - heard at LEAST 10 times plus a day for the past 4 weeks.....

5. Well you know what they say....Everything happens for a reason....

Really?'s been mentioned once or twice...thanks. Of course I am open to anyone who has "The Reason" for me.

Please excuse the most obvious sarcastic and bitchy tone to the above - as I know that for the MOST part these comments come from a place of concern and love by my wonderful customers (with a few glaring exceptions that I will write about at a future time when it starts to finally become funny for me), I just get really exhausted explaining the situation 50 times a day and by the end of the day get - well sarcastic and bitchy to be honest. Apologies.

So these are the final weeks - please spread the word and come say goodbye. I WILL miss my customers very much...and will keep everyone posted on future endeavors - although don't hold your breath for me to open another store anytime soon unless we have a radical turn around in the economy.

I will say though - my natural sense of restlessness and quest for adventure is slowly creeping it's way back may be time to pack my bags....and then who knows where I may end up?

Cheers Luvs




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