Friday, September 19, 2008

There is ALWAYS a critic

First off I want to thank my friends at - THE blog to check on a daily basis if you are a Venice local - hands down. Keri has always been a huge supporter of all things Abbot Kinney and of my store - so the following write up was her trying to help me out and to alert the neighborhood to our closing and the sale.


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Of course if you read the comments - you will see.....there is ALWAYS a critic. Of course I shouldn't take it personally. I mean really - someone who would rather see a 99cent store in my place not only lacks style, sophistication and class - but obviously cares little about the fate of Abbot Kinney and the business owners who are this person's neighbors. Maybe said critics would be happier with a 99cent store a Ross and a KFC on the street. I personally want the remaining independent business owners to have the chance to survive and thrive!

Thank GOD most other residents whether they were fans of my store or not - do not seem to share the same sentiment. If they did - Venice would be lost.

I am HAPPY I was a small part of what is going to be recorded as a intense time of growth and/or change in this community and am proud of the contributions I made. Some changes are good - some are not...but change is meant to be no matter what. As I am 8 days away from closing the doors on my dream I can accept that.

I guess I just still have issues accepting narrow minded judgemental people who have opinions and comments when they have never once in their lives attempted to achieve something and gone down in flames but could be proud of themselves for trying.

So here is the article and the link so you can see what ruffled my feathers.

Yo! Venice Write up complete with comments

Brick Lane is closing. :(
September 18th, 2008 by Keri ·

We are sad that Brick Lane is closing - Amanda has been a great supporter of the Abbot Kinney retail district, active in events (First Fridays!), and a great supporter of Yo! Venice! since we started this blog.
She wanted us to let our readers know about her going-out-of-business sale - which includes furniture and decor items from the store. (The phone booth has been sold already, btw.)
From now until September 28th, we have the opportunity to help a great store owner and ease the frustration of losing yet another small business to the ailing economy - stop in at Brick Lane and buy something!
Brick Lane1132 Abbot Kinney BlvdVenice CA

Cheers Luvs

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