Thursday, January 10, 2008

Billy Bag in the press and helping us stay green!

Billy Bag
I discovered the line many many years ago when they were a new brand while on a shopping trip in London. My best friend and her husband moved to Notting Hill for a year and I used it as an excuse to visit my favorite city and do some retail therapy - this was back when the dollar was in better shape vs. the pound as well as being prior to Brick Lane's conception - however I must say the seeds for the idea were planted at the time! So, I found the cutest sun hat that I still wear today by this line I had never heard of called Billy Bag. Cut to 3 years later and when the idea of Brick Lane was born - so of course they were the very fist company I contacted. 3 years and going on 6 seasons later Billy Bag is still a line I happily and proudly stock. Their bags and accessories are high quality, fashionable, fun and most importantly affordable! Everything from passport covers to FABULOUS purses with the extra touches of included dust bags and makeup mirrors. I love watching people discover them for the first time in my shop! Now this brand that is not as well known outside of London is finally starting to get the notice and press they so greatly deserve! See some examples of the press they have received this year.

They just informed me we will be getting our Spring Summer shipment in the next few weeks so keep checking One particular item I most excited about is the zip-away shopper bag. A small leather pouch to slip in your purse so when you are at the farmers market or drugstore or grocery to pick up a few essential unzip and have a fabulous cotton carrying tote so you can say no to plastic bags! YEA! Finally...a fashionable way to do our little part to be green and not have more bags to throw away! Billy Bag is a brand to watch!

Oh yeah - I can't remember the exact details of my order - but I DO remember this electric Blue bag! Guess what is on it's way to Brick Lane??

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