Monday, March 3, 2008

Jodie Kidd at Brick Lane

Today we had a segment of the UK Show Fashion Avenue shot here at Brick Lane. They are doing a whole show on Abbot Kinney - which is lovely as I have been informed it will begin airing in the US this year!

The beautiful model Jodie Kidd is the host of Fashion Avenue and her celebrity co-host is model Lydia Hearst (of the Hearst Family)

They told me that so far my shop was their favorite - the bit of British Fashion made them feel quite at home - enough to shop quite a bit themselves.

I must say that dealing with "celebrities" is not always as much fun as it would seem - but these 2 ladies were so incredibly warm, down-to-earth and pleasant to work with (and I am not just saying that because they loved my shop so). It was a delight to have them in the shop and I can't wait to get the DVD of the show when it is complete!

Lydia Hearst, Me, and Jodie Kidd

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