Tuesday, September 23, 2008

LA.com Goodbye

Now this person/ customer was lovely! Big shout out and thank you! LA.Com is an excellant Los Angeles website that I love to check out!

Bye, Bye Brick Lane
Yes, it's understating the obvious to say that the economy is bad. Even businesses we consider to be shopping staples in certain neighborhoods are feeling the effects, as witnessed today at Brick Lane on Abbot Kinney. We swear we heard Big Ben toll as our disbelieving eyes spotted the We Quit! banner. Brick Lane is going out of business; its doors will remain open until September 28 and everything is for sale, practically down to the brick and mortar. Furniture, display cases, art and fixtures along with clothing and accessories from across the pond. Which brings us to this: Where will we go to find cutsie-mod goods by Orla Kiely, and woolly sweaters by Pringle of Scotland (though, when it comes to the latter, our eyes are generally bigger than our wallets), under one roof? Bloody hell!Items for women are already scarce, but duds for the dudes are still plentiful. Stop in, pick up some threads and pay your last respects. RIP Brick Lane. A day in the life, indeed. Brick Lane, 1132 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice.


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