Saturday, September 8, 2007

FIRST FRIDAY and First London Update

This is a quick thank you to everyone who came out in support of yet another First Friday on Abbot Kinney and at Brick Lane. Those of you who came by may have noticed my absence as I was dead asleep 6,000 miles away in London. I don't have the details of the evening along the street yet - but needless to say word of it's success has reached me here across the pond! Thank you all!

So now that I am here for 2 weeks to do the buying, scouting, fashion show attending (and having a bit of fun in my favorite town with some friends) I will be updating with pictures, news and excerpts as much as I can. This weekend should prove to be a bit of a basher as my musician friend Kris Searle is on his home turf - doing some appearances on BBC and anxious to introduce me to "his" town and the lot of friends he has from all over. All I know is there are many pub and club visits on the schedule and they are on their way over right now to start the day (did I mention it is only noon here?) - oh the English! I hope my liver can take it! Stay tuned......

"Look kids....Big Ben....Parliment..."

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