Wednesday, September 12, 2007

London Day 4

So last night my friend Grant invited me to the very posh members-only bar the Century Club to meet him and some friends for drinks. (Being with the English drink in the plural is a given). Well I was fortunate enough to meet and spend the evening with 2 of the loveliest women. After many hours of conversation - in which poor Grant was not always included - except of course to make fun of our "absolute rubbish" knowledge of IS more fun - I had made two amazing new friends. Gemma and Sasha Jenkinson are 2 beautiful redheaded twins. Strangely I thought they looked vaguely familiar but it was not until well into the evening that they told me why. Neither of them are models but one day Gemma was approached on the street by a scout about being a part of the Dove Campaign For Real Beauty. Next thing you know they were chosen to be a part of it and the ad-vert that follows was their contribution to the campaign. Sasha will be visiting LA in October and I look forward to seeing her and we are working on convincing Gemma to book a trip soon. Thank you Grant for introducing me to such wonderful new friends! FYI - The Century Club is so very posh that cameras are strictly forbidden - what little rule breakers we were!

I am pictured with Sasha, and Gemma is pictured with Grant. For the ad-vert they made Sasha dye her naturally red hair blonde.

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