Saturday, September 22, 2007

London Goodbye

Well it's goodbye for another season - back in the cold rain of February. Fingers crossed my dear friend Laurel has settled in here and I will be staying with her! Yea!

Thanks for showing my such a good time to all of my friends - I don't have pictures of all of you so send me some photos from some of our nights out will you? Thanks Laura Tabor, Kris Searle, Fiona Devine, cousins Grant Channer, Austen Bushrod (yeah seriously that is is his name), Sisters Gemma and Sacha Jenkinson, Claire Dimes, Kathleen Hayes, Simon Barnes, Leonie Murphy who flew in from Dublin and last but not least Laurel Collier - who will be moving here from NYC and who without I would not have met many of these people. Oi! I'll see you all in February!

Oh yeah and you pissers - I broke down and joined
Facebook - so I can stay in touch that way as well. It REALLY is a trend here in Europe huh? Oh and Austen I am so taking you up on that offer fro a trip to Amsterdam next time! CHEERS LUVS!!!

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