Sunday, September 9, 2007

London Day 1

Greetings from London town! So here begins my postings from London Fall 2007. Fashion Week is still a week a way so I have a whole weekend to have some fun - and I must say fun was had! Now I have been traveling to this wonderful (and obscenely expensive) city for years yet every trip is filled with new adventures - even when I visit places I have been before. My friend Kris Searle who hails from Kent came down for the weekend so I thought I would share a wee bit of our activities together. Day one we had a few hours before getting ready to meet his mates for dinner so we headed out for a nice long walk down to Harrods to the food court for a snack and to peruse the luxury goods we can't afford. Note: Kris is a native and I live in LA but it was I who directed us the correct way there and back! Sorry Kris - you know it's tru love!

Thank goodness for the signage all over London - so Men don't have to stop and ask for directions! Anyway, so once we found ourselves there the Harrods food court never ceases to make my mouth water no matter how many times I have been there over the years. You can't see the yummy food - but for any who has not been inside - quite a market huh? These are only 3 of the many many stands.

Next on the schedule was an evening out in Soho. On the way there we went via Piccadilly circus. Now I SWEAR this is a picture of London - although as you will see with all the neon , a Gap and a McDonald's it could be Times Square - sad really.

Again thanks to the ample signage we headed in the right direction towards Chinatown and Soho for an evening of great food, fun company and dancing in a few of the MANY MANY MANY clubs in that district.

The entrance to Chinatown in the evening. Even though we had just left an amazing dinner the smells were heaven - but onward we pressed as I was being led along by Kris and his mates from university and his life in London, and as I was with the English - well there was drinking to do!

And now THIS is your entrance to the world of Soho. Bit of a difference eh?

Kris and his mates who really were a laugh riot of a group! Loads of fun and I was thrilled to meet them all!

Well I won't bore you with the details of the evening (or I should say incriminate any of the people involved) but truth be told, by the 3rd bar the American in the group got hit rather hard with jet lag and trying to keep up with the English and got herself home in a black cab to get ready for day number 2 in London. The one I was really looking forward to! Heading to the East End to visit Brick Lane! Cheers!

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