Thursday, September 20, 2007

London Fashion Week - Antoni and Allison with Nicole Kidman

No Photos Allowed. And they were serious - a few people tried to take photos as the designers introduced the show and the security seemed to appear out of no where - so this one will have to remain in my memory.

This morning I saw one of the most creative and interesting displays of all the Catwalk shows or exhibitions I have seen. The 20Th Anniversary of the artistic label Antoni and Allison was showcased at the Curzon Mayfair Theatre in Mayfair. Upon entering you saw each seat was decorated with Evian bottles that had brightly colored pastel balloons attached and a gift box on your seat that contained a cupcake with yummy sugared pink frosting (yes I ate it later with a cup of tea and enjoyed it immensely)....but I was confused. How was one going to have a runway showing the collection across a theatre stage? Unorthodox yes. However, in the end it was the most delightful of all shows I have attended!

To celebrate their anniversary - Antoni and Allison had a "birthday party" of sorts. The packed audience was treated to a quite a unique short film. In reality it was a film of a simple photo shoot - but with a twist. A women getting ready for a or in this case "the" party showcasing the collection in a whimsical and inspired way. Of course it was not just any woman - but was Nicole Kidman.

The Premiere and and finale at the same time This Film/Photo Shoot/Art Piece/Tribute to the designing duo who has been on the artistic edge of the London Fashion scene for 20 years now - was a gift to the designers from Nicole Kidman complete with her singing "Happy Birthday".

Some may not like Ms. Kidman, but personally I have always adored her and she modeled their clothing in such an elegant way. Part sophisticated women, part giggling girl child, the taffeta water colored party frock collection of 21 different pieces/looks was in a way everything an English afternoon tea party dress should be, part Alice in Wonderland but with a modern edge.

It was a once in a lifetime screening in place of a runway show and in my life it was a fashion experience like none other. The colors and styles spoke to the child inside of me. The child who wants to be a sophisticated woman yet sweet and girlish and dressed in pink bows at the same time. Instead of watching anorexic runway models strut down the runway, hips thrust, bones jutting, scowls galore, swimming in the clothing, we were treated to the gorgeous Nicole Kidman in clothing that fit her, flattered her and in fact seemed to be made for her, enjoying herself and giving us time to experience the true beauty of the clothes. By and away my favorite show so far - I only wish I could share it visually with you.

At the end of the film, Burakowski (the director) asked Kidman why she had volunteered her time. She pointed to the white T-shirt she was wearing, emblazoned with the words in blue type: “Antoni + Alison are Brilliant Genius (es)”

In my humble opinion - as artists - they most certainly are! :-)


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