Monday, September 17, 2007

London Fashion Week - Amanda Wakeley Catwalk

I was invited to attend the Amanda Wakeley show and far be it from me to deny as she is quite a gem in the London Fashion world - so I eagerly accepted. Now this show was a MAD crush of fans, fashion people, MASSIVE amounts of English celebs (I have to pick up a HELLO! Magazine so I can start to know who some of these girls are the paparazzi goes insane over). I was pretty sure I saw Jennifer Love Hewitt escorted in surrounded by bodyguards into the VIP tent section. while I waited in the lounge making pleasentries with a tall beautiful european women who was attending the show as a favor to a friend at Vogue. This show took place at the BFC tents on the west lawn of the Natural History Museum where the majority of London Fashion Week and the "Exhibition" (more on that to come later) takes place. My seat was not the best angle for photos and then I realized no matter where I was sitting the truth of it is - my little digital camera is crap! Complete rubbish and I MUST get a new one before my next trip. None of my photos on this show really came out I apologize that these are the best I can do.

MS. Wakeley herself as she came out at the end.

To see the beautiful collection I was fortunate enough to preview it is best to see the way the Professionals took the shots: Click the link below to see the footage of the show:

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